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Fathom Academics

SAT prep, ACT prep, standardized test prep
4 Park Ave Apt 4
Malden, MA 02148
United States

Sun-Friday: 9:00AM-6:00PM

Whether a student stands at the top of their class, struggles with their current material, or has a differentiated learning profile, Fathom will cater and pace instruction to maximize interest, engagement and learning.

The application essay presents a student the opportunity to convince the reader of their most compelling character traits. A student can use their essay to prove drive, curiousity, leadership, compassion or any other traits that define their character. The key is to tell an anecdotal story rich with vivid imagery and personal voice so that the reader experiences how the student thinks and experiences the world. When you place the reader in your own mind, you’re not telling them what’s great about you— you’re showing them.

Unfortunately, without guidence, students often make the mistake of rewriting their resume— they relist their accomplishments and accolades, squandering their opportunity to show the admissions officer how their mind works. We help students to write anecdotal stories from their life that accomplish three primary goals:

Transport the reader into the student’s mind. This way, the admissions officer is captivated, experiencing life from behind the student’s eyes. The way you see the world is a mystery you can solve for your reader!
Demonstrate the student’s personal voice and writing prowess. Get some personality into the application so the admissions officer knows they’re dealing with a real human being. Also, show that you can write!
Prove the student’s most compelling personality characteristics. Claiming ingenuity or leadership isn’t going to cut it! Prove to your reader your best traits through anecdotal evidence.
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